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The Creative Director

The Creative Director

Hey there! My name is Kate, and I Love designing personalized gifts and creating memorable keepsakes. Most recently I have been making customized music plaques and it’s been quite a journey. I'm impressed by how much the clients love their song plaques and also by their creativity when customized their own, I have seen break-up stories, love stories, proposals, best friends, lovers, and sports celebrations all nicely captured with a custom picture and a song.
 I recently quit my job after ten years with a great company to follow this adventure and I'm putting my heart and soul into each order, this might sound cliché but I'm obsessed with my products and personally ensure their quality from the design, printing, shipping and customer service I aim for a great client experience but most importantly for you to receive a product you love.
 My shop, Chic Signs is located in Mississauga, Ontario, and offers custom signs and plaques. I specialize in Small Business Signs and personalized trending gifts. All my designs are 100% and made with high attention to detail which sets my products apart from the competition.

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